STATEMENT: The new government should take the lead on financial inclusion

August 2, 2016

The Financial Inclusion Commission warmly welcomes the new Prime Minister’s commitment to an inclusive approach to social and economic issues.  We will work collaboratively with the new administration.  At a crucial time for the United Kingdom, innovative policy ideas are essential. Our message to government is clear: we are here to act as a sounding board financial inclusion policy.
We are proud that the Commission has established itself as a thought leader in this field. Our record over the past two years in contributing to the debate and in providing solutions speaks for itself.  But, as we have always said, leadership from government is critical in driving forward our recommendations.
Our vision is for government to adopt our recommendation that financial inclusion be made a central policy priority for the whole of government, overseen by a Minister for Financial Health.  We look forward to a Britain where access to financial services is open to all, and where there is no need for a Commission like ours.