NEWS: Access to household insurance - tell us your experiences

August 7, 2017

The Financial Inclusion Commission is carrying out research into people’s experiences of accessing household insurance.

We know that many people struggle to access affordable household insurance. For instance, research from Aviva suggest that 3 in 5 people living in rented accommodation have no household insurance. This equates to over 5.5 million households without cover.

We want to understand more about the type of challenges people face when trying to purchase household insurance. For instance:

  • What household insurance do you currently have, if any?
  • What have been your experiences  when trying to get household insurance?
  • What has been the impact of not being able to access household insurance?

You can share your story with us by contacting The closing date for submissions is Friday 15 September.

This insight will be invaluable in helping us to identify ways in which people’s access to household insurance could be improved.